On October 25, 2018, the National Library of Norway puts on the seminar “https://www.nb.no/hva-skjer/notated-music-in-the-digital-sphere/”, And mys contribution is “Preserving digitally inscribed music.”

Here is the abstract:
Musical notation is a prescriptive tool that is at least 4000 years old, aiming for preservation of both musical ideas and performance practices. The notation system for instruments and voice that we use today is hundreds of years old, and has over time been developed into the complex instruction sets that one can find in contemporary score, where new musical expressions are pursued by unusual excitation methods and increasingly detailed performance control.

This notation system has also found its way into the digital domain, and much research effort has been made in developing methods for migrating paper-based scores into machine-readable documents. However, digitally inscribed music often relies on more than pitch, duration, pulse and rhythm, and much of the modern electronic expressions cannot be captured or reproduced using conventional notation.

This presentation will discuss the urgency of preserving the heritage of digital music, present early projects and practices in this area, and provide recommendations for future efforts in securing an updated and more complete record of musical history in formats that also facilitate performability.

Mer informasjon her: https://www.nb.no/hva-skjer/notated-music-in-the-digital-sphere/