An article and a review

Just recently delivered an article to Visitor Studies Journal about the use of sound in museum exhibitions that involve VR, a summary of the results from the AR/VR project I brought into NOTAM in 2018. The journal might not take the article because it is a bit off-center for what this journal is about.

Recently I have also delivered an extensive book review to Organised Sound about sound art, and that has been accepted. During 2019/20 three important books on sound art has been published:

– Groth, Sanne Krogh and Holger Schulze (Eds.) (2020) The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art.
– Licht, Alan (2019) Sound Art Revisited.
– Weibel, Peter (Ed.) (2019) Sound Art – Sound as a Medium of Art.

The book review is an overview of how sound art has become a more mature genre, evidenced by the added depth and significance to the discourse that these three publications contribute.

Three new chapters

Three new chapter have recently been through peer review and have been accepted for publication:

Rudi, J. (in press) Questions and challenges in ubiquitous creativity. In V. Lazzarini, D. Keller, L. Turchet and N. Otero (eds.) Ubiquitous Music Ecologies. Taylor and Francis.

Pierroux, P. and Rudi, J. (in press) Teaching Composition with Digital Tools: A Domain-Specific Perspective. In K. Knutson, T. Okada og Crowley, K. (Eds.) Multidisciplinary Approaches to Art Learning and Creativity: Fostering Artistic Exploration in Formal and Informal Settings. Routledge.

Rudi, J. (In Press) The Musical Imagination of Knut Wiggen. In Hagan, Kerry and Puckette, Miller (Red.) Between the Tracks. MIT Press.

2 new texts on digital music

Just delivered the text “Questions and challenges in ubiquitous creativity” for a book on ubiquitous music, and revised the chapter “Preserving digitally inscribed music” for a publication by the National library of Norway. Hoping for a positive reception.

Media Arts History 2019 “Re:Sound”

Will present my chapter in the book “Digital Dynamics” in a panel at this conference in August 2019, and the presentation is titled “Digital Affordances.” Here is the abstract.