Fantastic news!

I have been granted the opportunity to be a visiting professor at CeReNeM, Huddersfield University next year, where I will lecture, advice, research and write. It is truly a privilege to visit such a great music research institution. My residency starts on September 1st, 2021.

Transcribed nature

Just finished and delivered a new project with sound environment for an exhibition of virtual architecture. The project is a continuation of The Forest in the House from 2018, but with some changes in both visual and audio components. This time, nearly all the sound is delivered through a headset, and the binaural coding is done by Balint Laczko. The installation is mounted in the architecture museum in Munich from Oct. 13, 20120 until January 10, 2021.

The project is a collaboration between The National Museum of Norway, Atelier Oslo architects, Jøran Rudi and Balint Laczko.

Course at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Teaching a course at NTNU this fall, in Electronic Music. In brief, the aim for the course is for the students to develop knowledge about electronic music, and develop their vocabulary for understanding and analysis in combination with development of skills in composition and multi-channel performance.

An article and a review

Just recently delivered an article to Visitor Studies Journal about the use of sound in museum exhibitions that involve VR, a summary of the results from the AR/VR project I brought into NOTAM in 2018. The journal might not take the article because it is a bit off-center for what this journal is about.

Recently I have also delivered an extensive book review to Organised Sound about sound art, and that has been accepted. During 2019/20 three important books on sound art has been published:

– Groth, Sanne Krogh and Holger Schulze (Eds.) (2020) The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art.
– Licht, Alan (2019) Sound Art Revisited.
– Weibel, Peter (Ed.) (2019) Sound Art – Sound as a Medium of Art.

The book review is an overview of how sound art has become a more mature genre, evidenced by the added depth and significance to the discourse that these three publications contribute.