Two book reviews

It is always a joy to come across something one does not know enough about, and I have written two book reviews for Organised Sound. Jennifer Iverson’s book discusses the post-WWII landscape especially in electronic music, and Leigh Landy’s book is a music appreciation and listening guide for many types of technology-based music. The review of Iverson’s bok is here, and the review of Landy’s book will be published later this year.

Paper accepted at NYCEMF – Reconstructing sound and music in a multimedia installation – authenticity and conflicting sources

Just received notification that my paper “Reconstructing sound and music in a multimedia installation – authenticity and conflicting sources” has been accepted at this years NYCEMF. This professional gathering has grown in importance over many years, and I look forward to presenting. Bringing the research on this multimedia installation to the music community is important, as this work might benefit future projects of similar nature. Here is the text.

Norwegian sound archive conference

The Norwegian Sound archive conference 2022 will take place in the Deichman library in Oslo on April 25. og 26., and I have a presentation on the 26th. The presentation builds on my book “Electric Sound in Norway” from 2019, as well as more recent research from Arts Council Norway’s framework “Creative Practices in Music” (2021-22), to be presented later this year.

Here is the program

Computer music and post-acousmatic practices

Ulf Holbrook and I have had a short article Computer music and post-acousmatic practices accepted for the program of ICMC in Limerick this year. The conference takes place 3.-9. July, and the web pages can be found here.