Just recently delivered an article to Visitor Studies Journal about the use of sound in museum exhibitions that involve VR, a summary of the results from the AR/VR project I brought into NOTAM in 2018. The journal might not take the article because it is a bit off-center for what this journal is about.

Recently I have also delivered an extensive book review to Organised Sound about sound art, and that has been accepted. During 2019/20 three important books on sound art has been published:

– Groth, Sanne Krogh and Holger Schulze (Eds.) (2020) The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art.
– Licht, Alan (2019) Sound Art Revisited.
– Weibel, Peter (Ed.) (2019) Sound Art – Sound as a Medium of Art.

The book review is an overview of how sound art has become a more mature genre, evidenced by the added depth and significance to the discourse that these three publications contribute.